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Monday, February 25, 2013

SSD upgrade?

In the blog What Can I Actually Upgrade On My Mac? on, Thorin Klosowski says that "Solid-State Drives are the best upgrade you can make to your computer." That wasn't the only time they(lifehacker) said that. In a previous blog by lifehacker, they talked about what an SSD is and some of its benefits. They stated their reasons why it would be a great decision to upgrade to a Solid-State Drive.

I have been contemplating whether or not to upgrade my macbook pro hard drive to an SSD. My dad added an SSD to his desktop and he loves it. Ever since then he would try and persuade me to get one. I researched a little and just thought for what I do, my hard drive is fine. Now that I am doing a little more programming and the workload on my computer is slowly growing and growing, I have been thinking about the upgrade a lot more. I wouldn't want to change the way I work on my computer; I would rather change the way my computer works to fit they way I work. The only thing would be the price of the SSD's. It comes down to, is the speed worth the price and low memory capacity?


  1. My new laptop is all SSD. I'm moving a lot of my stuff into the cloud through google drive, so the reduction in space is not such a hit. Big thing is stability. Hard drives are very sensitive to being dropped due to mechanical components - my wife almost lost a lot of data that way. If a laptop I'd just leave to my once every two years upgrade - with a desktop I'm not sure I'd bother - I haven't noticed much speed improvement ...

    1. Stability would be very important to me as I would not want to lose any thing on my hard drive due to accidental drop. I think I will start looking very hard into and SSD and one day invest in one.