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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Interest of Stakeholders

One of my ideas for my projects is making a program for the HPU baseball team. The program would consist of taking stats for our team and being able to see visuals of those stats. We already do have a sports information team that takes care of our stats during the game, but there are other stats that we take that they don't. One thing we do is "chart" our pitchers. Charting is when we take down position-specific stats that our sports information team does not. These stats usually share no interest to the fans. The point of theses stats are to fine tune the little things within our team as well as to find patterns and tendencies of the other teams. One chart we take of the other team consists of their timing on the mound. Whether it being how long it takes them to pitch the ball or how often they pick-off to a base. We take down notes on different things we observe to get any edge we can on our opposing team.

A program that would be useful for all these charts would definitely have many persons of interest. Our team would be the user of the program so they would be a stakeholder for the program. They would be of interest in making charting easier for them as well as seeing their own stats visually. It would also be easier for our team to scout other teams and be able to input all the stats in a database that would be locally accessible to everyone on the team. Horizontally speaking, different players that play different positions will be able to use the program, but with different functionalities based on what they wanna do. Vertically speaking, our coaches would be of use to it as well. Our assistant coaches would help with charting and going over the stats with the players. Our head coach would go over all the stats and collaborate with our assistant coaches as well as the players. External users such as other baseball programs might buy into the program and they will be users of the program and be external stakeholders of this program. HPU athletics would be the clients as they will be the ones providing the funding for it as well as wanting to the see the success of the program providing better access to stats for the baseball team.


  1. Great stuff. Very interesting idea to focus on stats that the existing sports information team doesn't cover. It would be very interesting however if you were able to observe and document some of the existing sports information team activities and IT solutions.

    Good coverage of the stakeholders - only thing I would say is maybe break out some more paragraphs, as it's a little difficult to read in its current form. Also lists never hurt so you can do things like:

    * Baseball Team members
    * Assistant coaches
    * Coaches
    * Other baseball teams

    And then I might ask about other potential stakeholders (some of whom I think you may have sensibly ruled out already ...):

    * Sports Information Team
    * HPU Administration
    * Baseball fans
    * ...

    1. Thanks for your comments. It is really helpful as I plan for my project. I understand what you mean about other stakeholders that just slipped my mind. I will definitely take them into account.

  2. Good show - did you work up an meeting agenda? Activity diagrams? I'd love to see some example data from the stats are currently being taken and these other charting stats you mention. Do you have any examples of these stats from other teams? Do professional teams collect and publish these stats?

  3. I have just written up an interview session agenda. I have also completed an activity diagram. I will put some example stats when i document my meeting. Professional teams do collect these stats, but they do not publish them for the public to see. It is mainly used for their personal team use.