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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Final Project

I just submitted my final project presentation. I made it actually a lot longer than I though it was going to be. Five minutes was the approximate time needed to present the project, but I took nearly 15 minutes. Sorry Professor Joseph. It didn't seem that long when I was recording it. Once I got started on talking about my project I just kept going and going. What made it easier to talk a lot about my project was that it had to do with baseball. I played baseball all my life and love the game so it didn't really feel like work to me when I had to make the presentation. I hope I added in enough details about my project that the viewers will be able to understand exactly what I meant by charting the stats. I explained how these particular stats are not "regular" stats, they are more in depth and really no use for the general public. This is because these stats are used to help a team have an "edge" in a game. Sadly, I did not complete my final prototype. The ideas were definitely there, the execution part however was not. Like I explained in my video, I "slacked off" during the semester so I fell really behind with the assignments for this class. Road trips for baseball, games, practices, and others classes just added on to the workload and to my obligation schedule. I could have completed it and put more effort in it, but sadly didn't. This will just be a learning lesson for me to just be persistent and to manage my time better. I did learn a lot from this class and it was very interesting in the process. Aloha.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Baseball Stats

I looked around the web to try and find stat-taking programs that will be similar to what I want to do. The search is still going on. I honestly don't think there is a program like that open in the public. Or if there is, most chances it won't rank high in google search because lack of traffic that would want to come across that information. If some teams do have a program like that it will most likely be personally made for them. Currently we just write them down on a chart paper that we pre-make before the games. The only hassle would be to flip through a few papers in order to find the one we want. Making a program that collects it all into one application would make the process a lot easier.


StatTrak looks like a great program to track baseball and softball stats. It allows a user to take stats during the game of different offensive and defense stats. It takes just the regular stats to the next level because for example it calculates the ERA(Earned Run Average) for a pitcher which is something a little confusing if you don't know the formula. However, we already have a program like this that our sports information team uses.  StatTrak and our sports information team takes the usual batting stats, pitching stats, and defensive stats. I am looking into a program that will take stats that most non-baseball players don't know about. Some of those things are the pitchers time to home plate, what timing they use to pick-off, and how they deliver.