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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HPU Baseball

I am a part of the Hawaii Pacific University baseball team so I felt it would be a good fit if I incorporated this class and programming with baseball. There are a lot of stats that deal with baseball and organizing them is a hard task to do. The way that we do it is we just write everything down on our  pre-made charts. For example, one chart could be for offense that would keep track of total at bats, hits, rbi's, runs, etc. Another could be for pitchers that would keep track of pitches thrown, strikes thrown, balls thrown, etc. After the game is done, a way to organize the stats would be to input them into a computer program so it can be referred back to. Our sports information workers use a program that keeps track of the stats during the game. I thought it would be cool to make a program similar to this that would be a sufficient asset to our team.


  1. This would be very cool. Have you taken a look at any of the basketball stats software that's already around?

    In particular, this kind of shot chart visualization:

    from this blogger:

  2. Doh! Apologies - for some reason I thought you were doing basketball rather than baseball. Please excuse my slip. In principle though there could still be some overlap on the stats side of things - I assume that the baseball team would also be interested in visualisations of their statistics just as much as the basketball team :-)

    1. No problem on the mix up. Yes there definitely could be some overlap between basketball and baseball. For example, the percentage of free throws made by a player in basketball is very similar to calculating the batting average of a baseball player. I a very much interested in visualizations of stats and I know our team would be as well.