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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Special Olympics

The Special Olympics offer a great opportunity for people to get involved in volunteer work. There are a lot of events that take place throughout the year which are in need of many volunteers. Volunteer work includes jobs such as setting up, breaking down, special event-related tasks, etc. I wanted to be a volunteer so I signed up to be a part of their mailing list and I would get emails of special events that would come up for the Special Olympics. I have to be honest that I have not yet volunteered, but would really like to. I just wondered how they kept track of all their volunteers that signed up. In order to sign up we would have to fill out an application that would be downloaded from the email they sent us. This means they would manually go through all the applications to collect all the necessary information about the volunteers. A program that would be able to store all the volunteer's information in an online database would be more efficient. Cloud computing is becoming huge in the technology world. It would only make sense to utilize this revolutionary system.

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